CadEstimator Version 6

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Northwest Builders Corporation

"Since starting our business in 1998, we had been looking for an estimating software package that would provide the capability to use our computer as an estimating digitizer for the AutoCAD plans drawn by our plan architect. Too often, we found that it was inefficient to use plan drawings that could not be easily integrated into our estimating activities. After researching and trying available estimating systems for over two years, we found that CAD Estimator provided the digital capabilities to make using our AutoCAD plans "one and done" in our estimating. At the same time, we have eliminated many duplicative efforts, saved time, enhanced production, and achieved a higher confidence level with our estimate take-offs and costs. Overall, we have been quite pleased with our decision to add CAD Estimator to our estimating regime."

Larry McKenzie
Oak Ridge, NC

CC Construction

I have been in construction since 1973.  I had tried a few estimating programs but none can be compared to Cad Estimator.   We started using Cad Estimator in 2001.  It’s so easy to use.  I was surprised that I started using it the first day.  When ever I got stuck I went to the tutorial on the program and got the answer immediately.   There were few times I had to call Mark for support, but when I did he was always there.   The program is very fast and accurate.  My customers are impressed when I tell them how detailed I estimated their project.  No guessing, I know exactly what I estimated.   Since the estimate is so detailed I use the same format for my Supervisors, purchasing dept, Accounting dept, and Schedule of values.  I just edit what I want each department to see.

David J. Cantu
Laredo TX

Building and Design Technology

I wanted to take a moment & comment about my experience using CADEST software. I first used the product on a $5,500,000 18 unit condo project which took me approximately 30 hours to takeoff. I was pleased with the product & the tech. support I received from Digital Properties. Mark was side-by-side with me thought out the project & I cannot say enough nice things about the support. I have now used CADEST on Marshall's & a PetsMart & have cut my takeoff time in less than half.

If you are a professional estimator I strongly suggest you purchase & learn CADEST. I just wish I had begun using it sooner. 

Dan Peck
Crystal Beach, Texas

Triad Estimating Service

I’ve used cad estimator for over 10 years and I’m still amazed at what this program can do. It does just about everything. I’ve talked to Mark but he still can’t get it to mow my back lawn.

Larry West
Tobaccoville, NC

American Decks

 "of course CAD Estimator saves us time and increases accuracy and efficiency. More important however, is that it creates a systemized approach to  estimating."

Dave Lambardo
Baltimore MD


“I have been using Cadestimator for approximately 6 months and have been very pleased with the increased speed and accuracy I have experienced.  Cadestimator also enables me to tackle a wider variety of projects than I could previously. 

Cadestimator has two main advantages over any other estimating system I have seen.  First, it enables very quick and accurate measurements to be taken without having to use an expensive and cumbersome digitizer.  Secondly, because the plans are actually brought into the program and all the measurements are graphically keyed to the plan, a visual record is created of what material was figured for what part of the plan.  Previously the only way I could keep this information would be to make extensive notes on the plan.  This left me with the task of trying to keep track of hundreds of plans.  Now all of that information is literally at my fingertips. 

            Cadestimator is very powerful and flexible with an amazing assortment of tools and functions.  I have found it to be useful for estimating everything from a small outbuilding or addition to a large multi-family project.  For a small, simple, project rudimentary plans can be drawn within Cadestimator and used as a basis for estimating.  While on larger projects repeated assemblies can be compiled in numerous ways, thereby cutting down on the amount of time spent taking measurements without sacrificing accuracy. 

            Once the estimate is done, the information can be reported in a number of useful ways from simple material lists with no pricing to professional bids including cover pages.   

            Because Cadestimator is so powerful and can be used in so many ways, after 6 months I feel I have only scratched the surface.  At the same time, it isn’t difficult to get started.  Digital Properties offers the best customer support for a software program I have ever experienced.  Thanks to the Cadestimator tutorials and to the great support, I was able to get up and running on the program very quickly.  Overall, I have been very happy with Cadestimator and definitely feel it has made me more productive.  I would recommend that anyone who spends a significant amount of time doing estimates from construction drawings take a look at Cadestimator and see how it can help them.


Mark Turiano
Union Point, GA