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CadEstimator Version 6

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Importing Blueprints

Even if it’s just a sketch, everything in construction relies on a blueprint.

The ability to import blueprints is central to the concept of CAD ESTIMATOR. That’s why it’s so important to be able to get your construction documents from many different sources. You may only use paper blueprints right now, but it’s only a matter of time before an architect e-mails you a DWG, DXF or PDF file to start a preliminary estimate on. How will you begin? Will you have to print out these documents on a large format printer so you can use your scale ruler?. Or will you drive over to a service bureau to get them printed every time there is a change or update. With CAD ESTIMATOR you have the tools to begin working on that job right away.

Importing the blueprints into the takeoff system and allowing the estimator to draw on it to take-off material is a fantastic time saver.

Because the blueprint is imported, you don’t need to re-draw it. (Like some CAD programs that do material estimating also)

Once the blueprint is imported, you don’t need to have the paper blueprint around taking up desk space.

It is possible to use CADESTIMATOR without any drawings at all. But why would you want to?