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CadEstimator Version 6

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PDF Documents


  • Fast Capture
  • In House
  • No Media Cost
  • Works with E-mail
  • High Resolution


  • None. PDF files are probably the easiest way to get blueprints into CADESTIMATOR. You can basicly import all the images contained in the PDF with a couple of mouse clicks.

PDF files work great for construction estimating documents. PDFs will soon be the architects document of choice for a number of advantages.

1. The source documents are secure
2. They tranport well over the internet
3. Everyone has the free viewer
4. Changes still have to be made by the architect
5. They are immune to version changes in the source software for example autocad coming out with a new file format in dwg and the client having to upgrade or have the architect save it in an older version.

Another reason PDFs will work well with cadest is the fact
that the whole blueprint page can be imported. This means that
when changes are made and another PDF is sent, you can
switch to the new picture and keep your graphics and assemblies