CadEstimator Version 6

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Estimating blueprints from E-mail.

Have you ever needed construction estimating software that works with AutoCAD DWG, DXF or even a PDF file? How would you go about estimating a job that was in an electronic document you got in your e-mail? First, you’d have to print it with a wide format printer or take it to print shop before you could work on it. Worse yet, you might print it on undersized paper and barely be able to read it. Then you can’t even use your scale ruler. It’s a real hassle and it’s going to get worse because more and more blueprints are showing up in your E-mail.

A longer turn-around on a bid can cost you a job.

The answer is CADESTIMATOR v6. Now you can do estimating with all your electronic blueprint documents, PDF,DWG,DXF and DWF files directly without having to print them first.

Estimating paper blueprints

When you don’t get CAD files like DWG,DXF,etc.but get paper blueprints instead, how do you  get them into your computer? Digitizing tablets are not the answer because they are expensive, cumbersome and take up a lot of desk space. But what is worse about digitizing tablets is that you can’t see what you missed. They don’t work with the actual image of a blueprint on your computer screen. You have to look back and forth from the blueprint itself and the computer screen to see what was taken off. Anyone who has done any amount of construction estimating knows that while waste factors are important. . . . .

Its what you MISS that cost the most money.

Now you don’t have to miss anything. When you import paper blueprints into CADESTIMATOR v6 you’ll see all your RED-LINING on the actual image of the blueprints on your computer screen.

You need CADESTIMATOR v6 estimating software

Whether you get paper blueprints CAD files or PDF files, you’ll save time and money by using CADESTIMATOR v6. Check out this list of features.

  • 100s of Assemblies Built In – Customizable assemblies perfect for construction estimating..
  • Visual Material Lists- Print out visual material lists that make it easy for anyone to properly place material.
  • Price Files- Maintain different suppliers’ price files.
  • AutoCAD DWG DXF, and Adobe PDF compatible- Import construction blueprints from popular CAD files
  • PLC (Parametric Labor Calculator)- Automatically generates man-hours based on factors like terrain, weight of material etc. You refer to common construction assemblies by using their name. For example you can type “RAFTERS” in the labor column.
  • Standard and SKU Price Support- Import excel spreadsheets or ASCII files from your suppliers to update your price files easily. Search by SKU or material descriptions. Adjust Prices +/- by percent.
  • HTML Output- Prepare for the future now. Customers or colleagues can review your estimate over the Internet/Intranet/LAN.
  • Powerful Roof Tool- A Joist/Rafter Fill tool has been added for filling irregular areas with joist. This tool makes doing hip roofs fast and fun. You can takeoff the largest, most complex hip roof imaginable in just a few minutes.
  • Rendering and Special Effects - Extensive rendering capabilities are included. Texture mapping, highlighting, symbols, product inserts, backgrounds etc. With just a few mouse clicks they are created from the graphics you draw in a takeoff.
  • Cover Page Creator- A good looking cover page for your construction estimating documents helps you sell a job. You can place multiple pictures, logos and text boxes any place on the page. It works great with the rendering and special effects you can create with CAD Estimating.
  • Formula Wizard- A Formula Wizard gives you many options to takeoff material from what you draw.
  • Video Tutorial- A complete video tutorial shows you how to use the program and is only one keystroke away.


CADEST V6  Overview  Blueprints Import/Export Videos  Downloads  Pricing