CadEstimator Version 6

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Graphic Tools Make Takeoffs Easy

Graphic Tools

CAD ESTIMATOR has a simple yet powerful set of graphics tools for construction estimating. It’s one of the reasons that the program is so easy to learn. You click on a graphic tool and then red-line right on your computer screen. There is no need for a separate digitizing tablet.

The Perimeter tool makes it easy to enter the Linear feet of exterior walls just by entering points one after the other.  For a Java Demo of that click Here. If you close any perimeter you automatically create an area. For a Java Demo of that click Here

The Joist tools make it easy to enter repetive items like floor beam or rafters. For a Java Demo of the vertical joist tool click Here Other Joist tools allows you to draw joist at any angle or to fill an irregular shape with joist (that makes doing complicated hip roofs a snap).

The Line tool makes it easy to enter interior walls. Simply click on the start and end point of each wall. For a Java Demo of it click Here

The Box tool makes it easy to enter square or rectanular areas like windows in an elevation. For a Java Demo of it click Here

Make a little mistake? you can erase a single graphic element without having to erase them all.

Make a big mistake? you can erase all the graphics on the picture with the Trash can tool.

Need to draw a circle? Just use the circle tool

The Dot tool make it easy to mark single items on the blueprint for counting. For example  electric outlets, doors or windows (there is even a right and left hand feature for door entry)

Version 6 has a dual screen mode that makes material takeoff easier than ever. Your blueprint is full screen on one monitor and the assemblies and takeoffs are on the other.