CadEstimator Version 6

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Advanced Features

Cost Database
HTML output


  • Instant Assemblies Built in
    • One click access to assemblies like Floors, Walls, Doors, etc. that you can  customize to suit your jobs.
  • Global Variables
    • Quickly change material types, for example change all floor joist from 2x10  to 2x12 (automatically changes band and solid blocking to). Change roof pitch  for all assemblies with one click.
  • Cloning Jobs
    • Any Job can be used as a template for another. All the estimates are duplicated with their quantities set to zero, but the formulas remain intact. Just add new images, start drawing and the material take-off is done. Labor  also, complete with prices!
  • Visual Material Lists
    • Print out visual material lists that actually show placement of material for  the trades. Clear easy to read printouts saves time and money for everyone.
  • Price Files
    • Maintain any number of different suppliers price files. Be able to check  total cost of an estimate using the actual price of each item. (Great for  competitive bidding)
  • Multi Unit Import Wizard
    • Combine multiple quantities of any estimates into larger estimates which can  in turn be combined into still larger estimates. (Great for Apartment house  complexes).
  • Detailed Job Reports
    • CAD Estimator combines the output of any number of individual takeoffs into  a summary, detailed and compiled printout of costs. One click saves reports as  spreadsheets to import into other programs. Any item in a takeoff can be sorted  into a different takeoff, for example, wall assemblies in framing can  automatically update the sheetrock, insulation and trim takeoffs.
  • CAD file support
    • Read AutoCad compatible files. Turn layers on/off, zoom to any view etc.
  • Standard and SKU Price Support
    • Import spreadsheet or ASCII price files exported from your database. Search  by SKU or material description, automatically update material descriptions from  SKU number. Database sizes up to 16,000 items, Fast price updates. Adjust  markup of prices.
    • Output any estimate as a HTML document, give your  clients the ability to browse your estimate just like they browse the  internet.